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Gutter Cleaning

We offer a complete range of services to clear your gutters and get them back to tip-top condition. Our years of experience mean we can do the job quickly, efficiently, and—most important—correctly. Whether you want a one-time deep clean or regularly scheduled maintenance, we have you covered.

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Your Top Choice for Gutter Cleaning Services
We put your gutters through a rigorous, step-by-step cleaning process. We clean every nook and every cranny until your gutters look spic-and-span. It may be meticulous, but it’s what gives our clients best-in-class results every time.

Our services include:

  • Personal consultations
  • Debris removal
  • Downspout cleaning
  • Quality control inspections

Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning:
With clean gutters, you’ll enjoy less flooding, fewer maintenance issues, and a more beautiful exterior. You’ll have greener grass for a lusher lawn, and you’ll add years to your gutters.

Pre-Scheduled Gutter Maintenance

Smart. Simple. Convenient.
We are proud to offer pre-scheduled maintenance services. You can contact us, request our services, and we’ll schedule you for regular maintenance check-ups at your convenience. It’s the easy way to make sure your gutters are performing as they should.

In general, we recommend cleaning your gutters twice per year: once in the fall and once in the spring. That’s usually a good benchmark to keep your gutters in optimal condition year-round. If yours see more heavy-duty use, we’ll work with you to develop a customized action plan for them. That way, they can get the maintenance they need to stay at peak performance—year after year.

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Installation of Gutter Screens

With a gutter protection system, you’ll have free-flowing, clog-free gutters that will eliminate the potentially dangerous task of climbing a ladder and cleaning your gutters.

A gutter guard is a device installed into or on top of (depending on the kind) an existing gutter system. They help prevent buildup and clogging, while still allowing water to collect and flow away from the roof. In South Georgian Bay area, where there are many leafy trees and long spells of rain, gutter guards help ease the burden of keeping gutters clean.

Why Install Gutter Screens?

  • Are your gutters three or more stories high?
  • Does your roof have difficult access?
  • What kind of trees do you have nearby?
  • Gutter washing
  • Do your gutters require cleaning at least once a year?
  • Overflowing gutters can damage the landscape, or potentially undermine the foundation of the home
  • Clogged gutters will become a mosquito nesting area

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Wall Exhaust Vent Replacement

We offer wall exhaust vent cover replacement service for your dryer vents, bathroom exhausts, soffit vents, kitchen exhaust and more.

Why Replace Old Worn Out Vent Covers

  • Broken air vents allow rain and snow to enter, mold and mildew thrive in warm, moist environments.
  • Bees, bird nest’s and mice can also block a damaged vent.
  • Dryer vents are favorite nesting choices for birds looking to set up home somewhere nice and warm.
  • With worn/broken dryer vents you should take action asap as any blockage can be a fire risk.
  • Many dryers emit carbon monoxide. With a normally functioning dryer vent system, the carbon monoxide is vented outdoors. However, clogs can prevent the gas from escaping the building.
  • Improve the efficiency of your clothes dryer while extend the life of your machine and your clothing!

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